Ball Skills

A lesson Plan
Teacher has bucket of small sponge balls and distributes one to each child.

Teacher places bucket in middle of floor and draws a chalk circle of diameter approx. 2 metres. When this is done, teacher draws larger circle and the throwing game continues. Ball & Wall
Pupil stands 1 metre from wall. Throwing / catching .
Teacher lines up pupils in facing rows 2 metres apart and gives a plastic football to the pupils on one row. Many pupils will have to be shown how to throw the ball. The overarm throw is the better one but takes practice. Again, many will need to be shown how to bounce the ball towards a given target.

With older children who are commencing football, Ball & Wall activities will again help to develop many relevant skills such as aiming, judging the bounce, trapping (stopping the ball with the foot), volleying, heading and so on.

[See web site for many other games with ball /bat/ sock etc…]