Gli occhiali d’oro
Giorgio Bassani


La mentalità di una città di provincia
Il tema dell’esclusione
La solitudine e la disperazione
L"Italia durante il Fascismo
La questione ebraica

Mention the names of the principal characters and ask the students to create a profile of each character as they are reading through the novel (making note of appropriate quotations, character descriptions etc.)

Il dottor Fadigati                 Deliliers                 il narrratore
Nino Bottecchiari               la signora Lavezzoli

Read the first chapter in class and them make a summary. Then ask to students to read the next chapter at home, discuss it in class and summarise it.(Obviously if the students have difficulties or need some extra help, this can be done in class) Continue until you have completed the novel.

Students can then begin to think about the novel in the context of the above mentioned themes and the notes that they have been making about the characters as they were reading.

The essay titles below should be used initially for discussion purposes and at a later stage could be used for written work.

Trace and comment on the development of the relationship between Fadigati and Deliliers in "Gli occhiali d’oro". Accurate references to the novel are expected in support of the points you make.

To what extent can Fadigati, in "Gli occhiali d’oro", be held responsible for what happens to him? Accurate references to the novel are expected in support of the points you make.

Examine the personality and role of the narrator in "Gli occhiali d’oro".

With what justification might Fadigati and Deliliers in "Gli occhiali d’oro" be regarded as symbolic figures?

How is society portrayed in "Gli occhiali d’oro?

Discuss the importance of Signora Lavezzoli in "Gli occhiali d’oro"