A Sequenced Physical Education Activity

This activity is an obstacle course.
The activities are placed in a line to avoid confusion and accident or a number of activity lines can be put in place (depending on resources).
To make the task more difficult it is possible to have the activities in random positions but the child has to follow the correct sequence.

Assessment Comments:
  • It is important to balance teams with a mixture of weaker and more able children.
  • If a child fouls ( eg fails to bounce the ball the correct number of times or drops the ball, then that activity has to be repeated).
  • If the teacher does not want to have a competitive element in the activity a points system could be introduced and points deducted for not executing the skill properly.
  • The teacher can use this activity with Special Needs Students to reinforce ideas and concepts such as completing an activity, waiting & turn taking.
  • Summary/Follow-up Work:
  • Children can be encouraged to think up their own sequence of activities, and to write them down or draw a plan of the activity.
  • To integrate this activity with other subjects the children could make bibs in the sewing class or make the matching shapes, letters, or colours in art class.