Hands and Feet Art Project


Decide if you want to do hands or feet or both, and estimate how many you will need for your chosen project. Then, dip student's hands/feet in paint, and print carefully onto your choice of paper or light card. By using a different colour for each student you can make their own hand/footprints more identifiable for them in the finished project. If the student is uncomfortable with the idea of paint on his/her body, simply draw around the hands/feet on coloured paper with crayon or marker instead, (or on white paper, which the student can subsequently colour). Songs about hands and feet could be sung while this activity is in progress.

When the paint has dried, cut out the hand/foot prints carefully. Write each child's name on its prints with a large marker, and add an identifiable mark/sticker for those who cannot recognise their name. Next arrange the prints into your chosen configuration e.g., tree, snake, etc., on the background chart/card. When you are satisfied with the result, glue prints on. Giant wall ‘frames’ created using hand/footprints can be used to display children’s’ photos, work, or pictures of people/things which are important to them.

Tree 1 
Happy frame
 Footsie the ‘Footipede’