Discuss with the students the things that they do on different days of the week.
Tell them that they are going to make a wonderful picture for everyone to see all about the great things that they do every week.
Introduce the Flash cards and give the name and Lámh sign for each day.

Sing "Monday morning, off to school I go". From the Junior Infant "Alive-O!" programme
Over a period of two weeks, try to establish one activity that makes each day special and enjoyable. Eg. Swimming on a Monday. Give the language and Lámh sign for swimming. Take a picture of the swimming pool.

Over a period of time the students will identify the important events themselves. Put the pictures on a wall chart from left to right. Place the wall chart at eye level so the child can touch each day as he names each activity. Have the Flash cards removable (but securely attached) so the child can practice replacing the days on a regular basis.

Assessment Comments: Once this Project is up on the wall it can be used as a focus for events right throughout the year.
If there are students who are staying away from home during the week in the group they can be helped to understand the length of time away from their family by forming a visual picture of a week at school.

Follow-up Work:
This idea can be extended to help student's understanding of the different times of the day. The chart can show the bus arriving; children at their desks; break time etc. this chart can be placed on another section of the wall. This attention to order and sequence assists with social training by developing patience and the concept of "waiting". The pupils have structured their own day and will accept the "working" parts of the day along with the "play" parts because of this.

Lámh Signs:
For further information contact the Speech Therapist in your area. She can advise you on the suitability of Lámh for your pupils.
OR Contact The Irish Association for Speech and Language Therapists (I.A.S.L.T) at 01(4730398)