The Skills of Making Relationships

(1) Introduction

(2) Respect, Genuineness and Empathy. (3) Processing. Note for teachers:
The Brainstorm will probably include some/all of the followingÖ
  • listen carefully 
  • Check that you understand 
  • ask questions 
  • stand up to meet them 
  • offer a chair  
  • bring them into the group 
  • introduce them to friends
  • recognize their ideas
  • ask for their opinions
  • look at them
  • remember their names
  • remember important occasions e.g. birthdays
  • give due praise

  • donít make assumptions
    * share secrets
    * donít put on anact 
    * share your feelingsopenly
    * donít tell lies
    * donít say something you  donít   believe just to please someone else  
    *  talk about yourproblems. 
     - show that you understand by nodding
     - check that you understand correctly
     - Repeat what they said
     - Concentrate on what is being said
     - tell a similar experience of  your own
     - mirror the same facial expressions


    (4) The Interview

    The Skills of Making Relationships
    How can I show to someone else that I think they are important to me? In what ways can I just be myself when I am with someone else? How can I show  the person I am with that I Understand them?




    Interview questions
    1.  What is your favourite film?
    2.  What is your favourite song of all time and why?
    3.  Tell me about your favourite TV programme.
    4.  What is your favourite hobby/pastime?
    5.  Tell me about your favourite place.
    6.  Who is the person you admire most and why?
    7.  What do you think is your greatest achievement to date?
    8.  What is your greatest ambition?
    9.  If you were granted one wish what would it be?
    10. Tell me about your most enjoyable holiday.