Musical Games for all class levels (Part l)

These games or warm-up activities are in many respects presented in the spirit of the two earlier lessons ‘Musical Games with Infants’.

The essence of these activities is that the children have fun keeping to the strict rules of a game, be that a rhythm pattern, a speech pattern, a melody, a gesture, a response. The rules become more sophisticated depending on the musical capabilities of the class.

Clapping Games:
Working with Rhythm.

These games are an enjoyable way for children to become familiar with the idea of phrase length and alternating rhythm patterns. Children are also reading rhythm.
If the teacher is teaching certain note-values (e.g. syncopation on two crochet beats), then these can be integrated into the game. The teacher can clap patterns at random or have an organised plan before doing the game.
This game is based on the idea of 4 beats in a bar. 6 different rhythm patterns are written on the Board, 4 of them having the new syncopation in different ways.


Activity: Movement Game:
Responding to specified sounds.


Activity: The Indian Bells (high sound) – move about making yourself as tall as possible.
The Cymbal, or another one above (low sound) – move about making yourself as low as possible.
The Woodblock (short sound) – move about making stiff, robotic movements.
The Glockenspiel (quick, ripples of sound) – move about with loose limbs and wobbly movement.