STS Activity 6 Dangers of Physics

Subject: Radioactive Waste Disposal
Primary objective: When you have completed this task you will be familiar with some of the problems of radioactive waste and its safe disposal.
You will also have used two search engines, Yahoo and Metacrawler.


1. List three human activities which give rise to radioactive waste:
i) __________________________________
ii) __________________________________
iii) __________________________________
2. Give two methods currently used to dispose of radioactive waste:
i) _______________________________________________________________
3. There is a nuclear reprocessing plant situated very close to Ireland. Where is it? _______
4. What do the letters BNFL stand for? _________________________________________
5. What do the letters NIMBY stand for? ________________________________________
6. What do you think is the biggest problem with radioactive waste? _______________
7. What percentage of the UKs energy is produced by nuclear reactors? _______________
8. What actually happens at Sellafield? _________________________________________
9. Only a tiny proportion of background radiation comes from power stations. Where does the rest of it come from? __________________________________________________
10.What is nuclear fission? ___________________________________________________
11. Some people think that nuclear fusion would be better than fission. Why do they think that? __________________________________________________________________
12. In Ireland many radioactive isotopes are used in medicine. What happens to them when they are no longer useful? __________________________________________________

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