Title and Price
Composer Arranger
Level of Difficulty
Instrumental or Vocal Mix
Rhythmic Tones with Orff


Bosworth Orff Folk and contemporary TY or earlier with some modification Even if you're not an Orff fan, there is much to work from here. The title loses something in the translation. Very playable keyboard and percussion parts, which work as an excellent basis for learning, core concepts in the classroom. Instrumental only 2-3 mins each
Reggae School-days


IMP Burnett and Christian Pastiche reggae TY - LC

If teacher involved, JC classes also.

Once you find your way through fragmented presentation, an excellent way of introducing reggae. Excellent chord charts and very playable keyboard parts. Percussion parts easy though book offers ample scope for more complicated performances. Vocal and instrumental 30secs - several minutes
Let's make music fun


IMP N/A Folk First Year Very simple folk songs - would appeal to junior classes. Very simple percussion parts are attractive additions to these songs. Begins with handclaps and progresses from there. Vocal and instrumental 2-3 mins each
Let's Begin

GCSE Projects


Novello Webb




Second Year - TY Entire series excellent. Each book a gem. "Let's Begin" starts with some presumed knowledge but would easily suit 2nd year. The first chapter is particularly relevant for a variety of music purposes. Instrumental only A few seconds - 2-3 mins
Composing in the Class-room £6.30 B&H Bramhall Pop


Junior Certificate Includes a very good section called "composing without notes". Introduces canon, fugue, round, dance styles and improvisation. Instrumental only Variable - mostly quite short
Songpack - various prices Chester Music Butler Pop


Junior Certificate An ideal source of material for classroom music making. Includes teacher's book, pupils book with recorder and percussion pack. Pack of 10 percussion - £20.15. Percussion parts playable and imaginative, particularly well suited to 1st Yr. Vocal and instrumental 3 - 5 mins
Teaching Pop music


Science Press Dunbar


Pop Transition Year Interesting integrated approach offering guided tour of pop styles and associated percussion lesson ideas. Requires drum kit or machine or percussion settings on a keyboard. Vocal and instrumental Variable
New sounds in class £4.77 Universal Edition Self Contemporary First Year - Leaving Certificate Despite a rather "loose" approach, it has many valuable percussion ideas. Some reference to making instruments (p15). Useful for LC Composing Elective. Instrumental only Variable


Chester Music Various Popular



Various, depending on arrangement Only necessary part is the piano. The rest is an additional colour or harmony. Percussion parts are challenging but playable. Ideal for Transition Yr upward. Many teaching points included. Instrumental only 4 -5 minutes
Rock and pop £12.50 Science Press DunbarHall Hodge Popular TY - LC An honest and well thought out integrated approach to popular music with a heavy emphasis on percussion. Instrumental only Very short exercises