Irish musical idioms and influences

It is often necessary to isolate and practise specific skills in performing, composing and listening in the student activities of creating, recreating and appreciating music. It is however more meaningful to adopt an integrated approach to teaching music whenever possible.

An integrated approach is more coherent when obvious links can be established between all three essential syllabus activities. The impetus to organise the teaching in this way may arise from the choice of a particular piece for classroom performance. At other times, performing. composing and listening activities can be linked under a single broad theme or syllabus requirement.

In the study of Irish music as one such theme, such integration is often possible. For example, the list of activities below for a Leaving Certificate group outlines the activities under three different headings, but the teacher is always encouraged to combine the activities within the classroom setting.

1. Listening Activities

2. Composing activities 3. Performing activities
Carolan's Concerto

She Moved Through the Fair
Visual Analysis and Perception

Lord of the Dance