Exercise in Register and Style.

Read the following account of an incident which took place in the class during morning break. Your task is to rewrite the account as a report to be submitted to the principal.

"Hey, Ger, did you hear what went down this morning? We were in class after French during the break, just chatting and gabbing. In walks Scully the nerd. Ryano greeted him as usual, you know, "Scully you ******". Well Scully wasn’t too pleased and he didn’t keep quiet about it either. Before you know it, the two of them were going at it hammer and tongs. It was like a Saturday night rumble outside Shapers disco. Well that was bad enough. It would have ended there if Smithy hadn’t got involved. He thought it would be cool to whack Scully on the conk, with the duster. He fired it across the room, brilliant shot. It flew like a missile. You should have seen it. Well Scully saw it coming and he ducked. The door didn’t and the duster went straight through the glass. Made smithereens of it. Well we all cut for it. You can imagine. Next class was Maths with Bull Murphy. He was furious, all roaring and shouting about it. He put us through the inquisition. Said we would all be on detention and a £5 fine each if we didn’t own up. Ryano had the bottle to admit it. He said he was sorry the whole thing had got out of hand. So we have agreed to tell it straight. I have to write a report for ‘you know who’ and have it down to her office by 3 o’clock. See ya!"

Points to look out for:

Remember who you are writing for. You may want to tone down the account with the reader in mind.