Compass Bearings

To understand the main compass points.
When using a map direction is described by way of compass points.
These compass points allow the user to go in certain directions.
The use of these compass points allows the user to direct / guide a person around an area or send the user in a certain direction.





The compass points together are shown below

The 4 main compass points can be further divided as follows.
Each of the compass points names can use the first letter

North = N
South = S
East = E
West = W

Take the main compass points and split the angle to get the following

NE = North East
SE = South East
SW = South West
NW = North West


1. Complete the compass for all the points shown.

2. Use the compass point letter to complete the task (North = N)
3. Draw out a compass on a sheet of paper and place it, pointing in the right direction, on you classroom floor or desk.

4. What direction is it when you are looking out?