Consolidating the Week's Work


As on the other days begin with silent reading of quality children’s literature. Remind children who are beginning a new book to enter the date, title and author on their reading list page. Encourage them to look out for alternative words for ‘went, then, nice’ to add to the wall display and to be ready to give an opinion on the author’s choice of words. Allow them to share their responses to the material read. Add any new words to the list on display.


Whole Class mini-lesson: Good Writers

Put a copy of the transparency ‘Good Writers’ on the overhead.

We have spent this week writing everyday. We have been learning to think and act as real writers. What have we learned about writing this week? Pass out the sheet to the children and ask them to work with a partner to make a list. Then complete the activity by filling the transparency with their ideas. The children’s responses may include:

Writing and Conferencing

Children then begin writing. First visit with the children on your list made from the day before: children who have yet to start a second piece of writing. Then use the rest of the time to circulate and chat to children as they write. Comment specifically on aspects of the writing that demonstrate the child has applied some of the week’s mini-lesson ideas to their writing. Allow the children to write uninterrupted for a period of time. When the time is almost up ask children to take a coloured pen and to proof-read their writing for the day. Encourage them to use the chart on the wall or the chart in their folders for reference.


Follow the same procedures as the day before, continuing the routine. Invite different children to share. Fill in the names of the children who share on your master sheet.


Finish up the writing session in the same manner as previous days. Remind children to make sure they have filled in their Title Tally and Reading List. Congratulate the children on their achievements of the week.

Summary/Follow-up Work

Make a chart of the list of things good writers do that the children generated during class.

Put a copy of the min-lesson into your folder for reference.

Assessment Comments:

Reflect on the Writers’ Workshops you have conducted this week:


That the child will be enabled to:

Receptiveness to language

  • Review the week’s work

Competence & confidence: using language

  • Review the week’s work

Developing cognitive abilities through language

  • Review the week’s work

Emotional and imaginative development through language

  • Review the week’s work