A Study of Trees

Commence with general questions – can you name any trees?

Parts of the Tree

Elicit if the class recognise the parts of the tree.
Head or crown made up of the branches that in turn are made up of smaller branches, twigs and leaves.
Trunk - body or stem of the tree.
Roots -rootlets - roothairs.
Trunk - The trunk acts like the stem of the tree but it is hard and covered with bark. It helps the tree to stand and carries water and minerals from root to leaf and back again to the various growing parts. It also holds up the branches.
Bark - This is a tree’s dead skin. It is tough and hard and protects the inside of the tree.
Rootsthese grow down into the ground and extend in every direction to absorb water and minerals from soil and send them to other parts of the tree. Roots also hold the tree in place.

Leaves - Each leaf produces food for the tree. Each autumn the tree loses the leaves but new ones grow again in the spring.

Elicit what are the benefits of trees?

Deciduous Trees and Evergreen Trees
Ask what season do leaves fall to the ground.

Explain to the children that trees whose leaves fall to the ground have a special name. They are called Deciduous. These trees grow new leaves again in spring. Show examples of leaves from these trees - oak, horse chestnut, sycamore, ash, apple trees etc.

Query if they have seen trees that stay green all winter. Tell the pupils that these are called Evergreen.. Show examples of leaves from these trees - pine, fir, spruce, etc.

What are the benefits of trees?

Ask the children if they can name the benefits of trees
Trees offer an almost endless list of environmental and economic benefits, some of which are crucial to our survival. Activities Children should be allowed to observe trees and think about the following questions.

Name the Trees

The Names of 8 familiar trees have been split up.

Can you put the correct bits together and find the names of the trees.
Syc Low
Spr Sh
Be Amore
Ches R
Wil Tnut
A Uce
Oa Ech
Fi K

More Activities
Our Friends the Tree - http://www.mic.ul.ie/eurolesson/english/trees1a.htm
The above web site is well worth a visit if you intend to go outdoors. It contains excellent worksheets which you can print out entitled -

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How Tall is your Tree?
More Measurements
Living in The Tree
Under The Tree
Tree Encounters of the Close Kind