Type the following exercise

It is essential for each student to become familiar with the computer keyboard and typing on the screen, before proceeding to the more advanced functions of word processing.

Now that you have learnt to use the delete and backspace, you should have no difficulty in typing this exercise. Did you remember to use your return key only at the end of each paragraph? As you type you can see your cursor/insertion bar flashing where you are going to type the next character. You can move around your text by using your cursor keys, which are usually marked with arrows Ė up, down, left and right. Donít be fooled by the arrow on the TAB key. When you have this exercise completed experiment with the cursor keys and you will see how easy it is to move around your text. You can also use the mouse and scroll bars but we will leave these until later.

Do not use your spacebar or delete (or backspace) key to move through your text as these will delete your text and you will wonder where it has disappeared.