Experiment 9

Earthworms are the most intriguing of creatures. They contribute enormously to the fertility of soils by adding nutrients, aerating, draining, mixing up the layers, bringing down o.m. etc. They are hermaphrodite , subterranean, nocturnal, sedentary, extremely active and extremely plentiful. Surely they deserve to be researched.

To estimate the earthworm population / hectare

3 Quadrats, washing-up liquid ( 5L per quadrat),

1. Place 1m sq. quadrats in three different locations, eg. Under or close to a hedge, middle of a field, near a compost heap.
2. Completely defoliate area inside quadrat.  Pour solution of washing up liquid and water on each plot.
3. Ensure each square metre gets at least 5 Litres of solution.
4. Remove and count earthworms as they emerge.  Remember there are 10,000 sq. metres in a hectare.

Place a few on a sheet of glass and observe.