Planning Healthy Packed Lunches
School Lunch Ideas

Wholemeal bread.
Wholemeal and white bread mixed.
Brown finger rolls.
Brown Scones.
Wholemeal pitta bread.
Toasted baps.
Wholegrain crackers.
[Spread butter or margarine thinly].
Your Choices/Ideas
Unsweetened fruit juice.
Yoghurt drinks.
Flavoured milk.
Hot homemade vegetable soup.
Your Choices/Ideas


Roast beef or paté and chopped tomatoes.
Tuna, celery and reduced calorie salad cream or light mayonnaise.
Turkey slices with coleslaw.
Ham or cheese and cucumber.
Salmon [tinned] with cucumber.
Corned beef and sliced tomato.
Egg and onion.
Peanut butter [occasionally].
Your Choices/Ideas
Fresh fruit apple, banana, orange, pear, kiwi, satsumas, grapes, plums, peaches, strawberries, and raspberries.
Stewed fruit apple, rhubarb, apricots.
Fruit tinned in own juice.
Fromage Frais with fruit wedges.
Wholegrain or digestive biscuits, homemade fruit pie/tart, wholemeal/ fruit scones.
Muesli bars.
Banana bread, carrot cake, tea brack.
Your Choices/Ideas

Look\ up the four food groups in your text book and then using them as a guide design a two course packed school lunch and drink to be made in practical class.

Main Course



Reasons for Choice


Evaluation of cookery practical

Did you like the taste of your lunch?
Describe the taste.

Did you like the appearance of your lunch?
Describe the appearance.

Did the lunch contain something from all the four food groups?

If not What was missing?

Would you do anything differently if you made the lunch again?