There are many types of puppets such as glove, pole, finger or shadow to mention but a few. Puppets are considered to be a 3 dimensional object and must function, that is they cannot be a stuffed toy. One of the easiest types of puppets to make is a glove puppet. Once you construct the head, the costume needs to be made. All the pieces are then assembled to form your puppet. One way to make the head of the puppet is to use papier machie. This is applied over a light bulb, which is covered in cling-film. Papier machie is the French word meaning chewed paper. The best way to make papier machie is to mix wallpaper paste (mixed according to instructions) with p.v.a. glue. Torn strips of newspaper can the be covered in the paste using your fingers or a brush and applied to the bulb to form the head and neck. When the papier machie is dry you can paint your puppet head. Features such as hair, eyebrows etc. can be added. The body or the costume should be cut out, this is almost like a cross-shape but with a wider base. The body part (costume) along with hands need to be assembled and glued to the head.