Develop a Visitor's Guidance System for your School or Town

Brief Description:
A visitor to your School or Town may have a difficult time finding a person or place within your School or Town. In order to make the visitor feel more comfortable in your School or Town setting the need exists for an effective guidance system that is easy to follow and also projects a positive image of your School or Town.

Safety notes:
The instructor will inform the students of the necessary safety rules for the tools and equipment needed for the assignment before the student will be able to start using them.

Resources Required:
A drawing board Coloured paper and drafting equipment will be provided.

This assignment will be completed in groups of 2 students per group. This assignment will not be worked on continuously as time will be allowed for student research outside of class time.

1. Each student may use the supplies available to them in the technology lab.
2. The guidance system must be designed to include only the student' s School or Town .
3. The guidance system may not be attached to any part of the School or Town buildings or property.

1. The guidance system should be easy to follow.
2. The guidance system should make the first time visitor feel welcome .
3. The guidance system should project a positive image of the School or Town .
The student' s challenge is to design and produce a guidance system for a first time visitor to their
School or Town. The system must be one that the visitor can easily follow without assistance from anyone else
and it should project a positive image of their School or Town.
A. After general safety rules and tool demonstrations have been satisfactorily covered by the instructor,
students are to be formed into groups of 2 and be given 1 class period to brainstorm and make
preliminary sketches of the guidance system based on the limitations and considerations above.
B. Students may gather additional materials needed for the guidance system on their own time outside
of class. Any materials available in the technology lab will not be included in the $1.00 per student limit.
C. The students are to devise a data sheet and record information as it becomes available.
Note: Students may consult their math instructor for help designing the data sheet .
D. Students may research the School or Town building and property on their own time.
E. Two class periods will be allowed to produce the guidance system and devise a data sheet.
F. Testing the system and interviewing will be done on the students own time.
G. One class period will be allowed for improvements, to complete their data sheets and write a short
summary of the results of producing the guidance system.
H. The last class period should be allowed for the groups to present their
guidance system to the rest of the class. Two to three minutes should be allowed for each presentation.

Assessment Comments:
The student will be evaluated based on:
1. Co-operation and effort within the group.
2. The completed guidance system.
3. The presentation of the guidance system to the rest of the class.
4. The data sheet and summary. Only one summary per group should be turned in to the teacher.

Summary/Follow up work
The student summary should include:

1. How each of the Limitations and Considerations affected the final outcome of the guidance system.
2. What made your product a success.
3. What impact will their guidance system or one like theirs have on its users.

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