Brief Description:
Today in the world of manufacturing there is a lot of waste that could be recycled and turned into something useful again. It is the intent of this activity to make students more aware of the waste that is generated by local companies. Once the students are more aware of what is out there they will be required to decide what waste has the most potential and then turn it into a recycled good.

Aim :Select waste products that will be manipulated into something useful


1. Always wear the proper eye and skin protection.
2. Be sure all waste is safe and clean from chemical dangers.

Resources required:
Hand tools, power tools, paints

1. The first step is to research the different kinds of waste that are out there. This can be accomplished by calling local manufacturers to get an idea of what is available. Most manufacturers have an abundance of some form of waste.
2. The next step is to evaluate the various waste products that are available and to determine potentialuses for these waste products. Things to keep in mind are; the amount of cleaning the waste will require, the ease of transporting, and the over all amount available.
3. The next step is to decide which waste product you want to use. Keep in mind that you can do this as a group, meaning you can get a lot of one waste product and the whole class can do the same thing, or this can be done individually, meaning each person can acquire there own waste product and do an
individual project.
4. The next step is to redesign your waste product into something useful. This can be something for personal use or it can be a product that has marketing potential. The important thing to keep in mind when you are redesigning your waste product is to try to come up with a way for the waste product to be permanently reused. Meaning that as long as the manufacturer has that particular waste product available there is a potential reuse for it.
5. The next step is to construct your project.

Here is some hints to start you thinking

Tin cans sculpture i.e the tin person.

fabric bags

Assessment :
How did your group come up with this design?
Do you see recycling as a good or bad? Why?
General comments about the activity. (What did you learn, what did you think about it, etc..)
What project has the best potential for a continuous reuse of a waste product?

Summary Follow up work:
What is the over all usefulness of the recycled good?
What would be the impact of the waste product you used if it where to be thrown away?
How could the general public be made more aware of the amount of usable waste products?

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