Entries Stroke
(Focus on breathing practises) Development Follow the leader strokes
    (a)  Student choice of stroke
    (b)  Teacher choice of stroke

Synchronise strokes


Partner Tag
One partner chases the other. When tagged roles are reversed

Wheelbarrows (prone or supine)

One partner takes up a prone or supine position, with legs apart and partner stands between the legs and supports at the hips. The wheelbarrow may become passive or active as the pair cross the pool

Synchronised swimming routine
Students compose their own sequence, which may include entry stroke, aquarobic activities

Towing in pairs
Partners take turns towing each other across the pool - on front & on back.

Balance and push
Students explore different methods of balancing on or against each other and then push away.


Land Based Rescues
Talk, Reach, and Throw.
Students work in pairs with one acting as subject and the other rescues to the side - No direct contact. Use pole, towels, ring buoy, and rope. Remind students that choice of equipment affects length of throw.