Volleyball Service

Playing Volleyball - Serving
Underhand serve

Sure things
Stand facing the net with the foot opposite the hitting hand forward.
The ball is held at waist level.
The player leans forward as they swing their arm foreward and contact
the ball.
The hand holding the ball is dropped just before the contact.
The player hits underneath the ball with the fist or heel of the hand.
The hitting arm follows through in the direction of the target.

High ball toss.
Same foot as hitting arm forward.

Overhand serve Teaching Key words

Arm toss
With firm wrist, arm toss the ball 18 inches - so that the ball falls to the spot just inside of the lead foot and in line with the hitting shoulder.

Hand up and back before the toss
Elbow and hand are at shoulder height or above throughout the entire serving motion.

Shift weight to lead foot, or step forward, as you make contact with the ball.

Swing to target
Wrist firm throughout serve.
Contact with heel of hand through middle back of ball.
The contact should sound like a "thud", not a "slap" sound.
Hand follows ball to target.
Finish with hand alongside or within body line.

Practice ideas
Add pressure to the serve by putting on a time limit.
- How many serves can you serve in one minute?
- How many good serves can you do in a row?
- How many serves can you hit onto a target?