Injury Prevention Tips
Injury Prevention Tips

1. Avoid training when you are tired.
2. Increase your consumption of carbohydrates during periods of heavy training.
3. Increase in training should be matched with increases in resting.
4. Any increase in training load should be preceded by an increase in strengthening.
5. Treat even seemingly minor injuries very carefully to prevent them becoming a big problem.
6. If you experience pain when training STOP your training session immediately.
7. Never train hard if you are stiff from the previous effort.
8. Introduce new activities very gradually.
9. Allow lots of time for warming up and cooling off.
10.Check over training and competition courses beforehand.
11.Train on different surfaces, using the right footwear.
12.Shower and change immediately after the cool down.
13.Aim for maximum comfort when travelling.
14.Stay away from infectious areas when training or competing very hard.
15.Be extremely fussy about hygiene in hot weather.
16.Monitor daily for signs of fatigue, if in doubt ease off.
17.Have regular sports massage.