The Reluctant Reader

For example: using ‘Wellington Square’ Level 5, book ‘Bombs over Wellington Square’

The teacher needs to become familiar with the software.
The student will need a demonstration and then practice in order to learn the basic ways of moving around within this book.
In this series, there is always the facility for the computer to read the book to the student at the beginning. This may be a good way to encourage the student’s interest.

On a second reading, teacher and student can read along with the computer.
Text is highlighted as you move along the page.
Page numbers on the screen do not correspond with page numbers in the book.

Student needs to learn how to access the nine activities that are available at all levels in this series. These include;
1 Read the Book
2 Alphabetical Order
3 Put in Order ...storyline sequence
4 Word Bash....word recognition
5 Crossword
6 Spelling
7 Memory Test
8 Meet the Characters
9 Book Menu
These are available to reinforce the reading in the story and are laid out attractively.

Student and teacher listen to the whole story.
Teacher and student read the on-screen text with computer ‘voice’.
Teacher and student go to text book and read text while computer reads on-screen text.
In the ‘Wellington Books, the first few pages are synopsised to set the scene and to lead the student into the storyline.
Some days/weeks will be needed to get through the whole story.
When student has completed the story, the various Activities can be used to reinforce what has been learned.

1.  I would suggest that Activity no.7 be used first. This asks many questions relating to the story and the student’s ability to comprehend the text will be demonstrated. 2.  Short term memory skills will also be on display as the tasks are worked through.
2.  Activity no. 3 would be a good idea next as it again seeks to test the students ability to remember the corect sequence within a story.
3.  Word Bash, no.4 is a good test of word memory/word recognition without the context clues.
The rest of the activitues will be found to be very enjoyable and enrich the whole experience.

The ‘Wellington’ approach attempts to work across a range of areas all more or less based on the particular story in use. Spelling tests, crossword puzzles and alphabtical order are also addressed and are all aimed at building up a broad base of reading skills.

Teacher notes
These tasks will take many lessons to complete and there may be several weeks work in each book for the student.

For the Reluctant Reader however,