Tune in to Road signs

Teacher will plan a whole term project around this topic.
There will be weekly lessons and several visits involved.

Starting at a local level teacher will demonstrate the importance of the road signs.

The teacher will plan to examine the route some children use travelling to and from school. A modern, clear road map of Ireland should be displayed at this stage and various journeys around the country can be examined. It helps if some trip that the class/school
may make during the year is among those examined.

Now, photographs of the various directions and indications on roadsigns should be studied.
What does Kells 27km mean on a direction sign?
What does the following Motorway sign mean?
Galway           187
Ballinasloe      125
Athlone            98    
Moate              82 

The need to plan out a journey beforehand should be emphasised
Speed limit signs and other signs aimed at road safety, i.e. SLOW, No Overtaking, etc, should be studied regularly.

Rules concerning roundabouts, (which many students encounter regularly as pedestrians), need to be examined. Is there a safe way for pedestrians to cross at or near a roundabout?
How do cyclists manage at roundabouts?
What are the rules for motorists coming to a roundabout?
How does the motorist read the directions when coming to a roundabout?
{Driver should be counting which exit to take, e.g. for Templeogue, take the 3rd exit.}

Find the Symbols used for

These should then be displayed in classroom whenever this topic is being studied.