In the contemporary world information in often presented graphically in text books, on computer software, on video or television programmes and in the advertising industry.
The Special Needs person will need to become familiar with this means of information- production and become skilled in reading same accurately.
T.V. New and information shows often display surveyed data/information on charts or graphs.

E.g. Growth in employment/unemployment:
Rep. Ireland 1990 - 2000

Religious practice in Rep Ireland 19999

Much information appears as Pie chart, Bar chart, Graphs etc...for instant ‘reading’.
In-school surveys based perhaps on favourite items, foods, teams etc..and produced in these forms, will give the students experience in understanding such presentations.
Teacher must seek convenient ways of producing such data.
Many packages, such as Ms Office or Lotus will allow for data to be produced in chart form.
There are also simple stand alone programmes, such as ‘GPLOT’ which allow even the junior student to produce impressive and clear charts. The information can be shown in
Pie, Bar, Line or dot charts , switching from one to the other at the click of a button in glorious colour.


To produce a selection of Charts, displaying information on aspects of lives of the students

Gathering information.
Students should be allowed to decide what they want to display, i.e. Information of which topic of interest.
Topics might include their  favourites among some of following;
bands, sports, colours, meals, cars, school subjects, T.V. Shows
Radio Stations, comics or magazines, etc.....

The tasks then are to do the foot work, collect data from the group or from the whole school.  A Questionnaire must be devised, with teacher’s help and the data brought together.

Open the GPLOT computer programme.
On the left hand side of the screen you will see where the information is to be entered.

As information is being entered, the chart can be seen as it build on the right side.   Choose title, labels, keys (explanation) and border.
 The charts may be printed out in whichever chart form the student wishes.
 These can then be displayed in class, in school or published in school magazine.